Brooke’s Page

Brooke’s Page

Hey all I’m Brooke Stewart, and I’m awesome.  And incredibly humble.  I’m gonna rock both of those words in my intro because I am writing it and I do what I want people!  Just kidding, I am actually a big time rule follower and bragging about myself makes me a little uncomfortable. So, now that we got the awkwardness out of the way, flash facts about me that you should know!

I am a Minnesota girl born and raised, which means I love swimming, fishing, being outdoors and all things summer. In the winter, when I can’t be outside basking in the sun (while wearing copious amounts of sunscreen, obvi) I enjoy crocheting, Harry Potter marathons, kicking my husband’s behind at scrabble, and of course reading as many books as I can.  To pay the bills I work in the accounting department of a small relocation company (get it, accounting department – pay the bills!) But seriously, I do genuinely love my day job and the company I work for, it’s a pretty sweet gig.

In 2014 I married my favorite person in the world, and we now have a golden retriever pup who is crazier than you can imagine, but also pretty darn adorable.    We are super cliché and just bought a house in the burbs, but we love it so we don’t care if it’s completely mainstream.

Check out my current projects:

Moon Cursed: A young adult fantasy told from two perspectives. Eighteen year-old Blaine is suddenly faced with the responsibility of raising his three younger siblings after his parents are murdered by a werewolf hunter. Plagued by fears that he too will become a werewolf like his father, Blaine struggles to support and protect his family.  Through work he meets Jesse, the new girl in town who despite her carefree demeanor, knows more about the ancient mysteries of his bloodline than Blaine expected.  With curses, hunters and angry social workers all around Blaine and Jesse wrestle with their blossoming feelings for each other while also balancing the magical elements of their lives.

Sixth Grade Supers:  Join Tatum and his friends on this silly adventure perfect for kids of all ages.  After finding a mysterious wishing Sphere in his grandma’s basement, Tatum and his friends wake up the following morning with strange super powers.  Jealous of their new abilities Mr. Belch the evil lunchman steals the sphere and wishes to Rule the school.  Will Tatum and his friends find a way to stop the lunchman before it’s too late?

Joshua and the Bus: Life is messy. Everyday you make choices, you’re faced with temptation, you make mistakes.   It’s hard to love yourself, let alone believe someone else can truly love you. Emily has known Joshua her whole life. In his eyes she is perfect and capable of great things. Emily feels burdened by his high expectations and instead of following through with their shared dream, she chooses to leave Joshua behind and pursues what she thinks she wants from life. It’s a spiritual tale of love, redemption, and forgiveness.

Expiration Date (short Story):  We all have the tattoo.  Eight numbers, two dashes.  It tells us when we will die.  It doesn’t matter what my date is, all that matter’s is it’s today.  Now available on Kindle through Amazon!  Purchase Here


Thank you so much for taking the time to check us out – and for reading all the way to the end of this post! I am so excited you are here and I hope my writing will enrich your life in some way.

Stay amazing my friends.